Adventurer's Log
Death and Destruction... meh... only the beginning

September 25, ‘09

A new group has landed via the main portal in Etene. They are a ragtag group, with no determined leader. They fought of a series of kobolds that landed a few seconds later and managed to survive with only a few scratches. Suggested they visit an old friend of mine, Pinnak Labbe. He’s a good chap and should find them some work considering that they don’t know if it’s safe or not to leave via the portal.
Current Party:
  • Warren, the Weathered Warforged Warden
  • A Crazy Old Gnome Wizard
  • A Half Elf Warlock Temptress
  • An Angry Dragonborn Sorcerer
  • A Lone Elf (bastard probably thinks he’s better than the rest of us…)
  • Another Warden, this one looks half dead.

- Garren Fireforge, Captain of the City Guard


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